Wall Copings

Wall Copings

Manufactured in accordance with BS5642. Three styles of Wall Copings are available in various widths, all in 900mm (36”) lengths.

Saddle Back

(twice weathered)

Wall Copings Saddle Back

Feather Edge

(once weathered)

Wall Copings Feather Edge

Radius Edge

(flat top)

Wall Copings Radius Edge

Coping Width Wall Width Saddle Back Feather Edge Radius Edge
182mm (7”) 100mm (4”) Block on edge or single brick Tick - Yes    
255mm (10”) 140mm (6”) Block (soap bar) Rendered Tick - Yes Tick - Yes  
305mm (12”) 215mm Brickwork (2brick wide) Tick - Yes Tick - Yes Tick - Yes
330mm (13”) 215mm Blockwork (block on flat) Rendered Tick - Yes Tick - Yes  
380mm (15.5”) 300mm (cavity)   Tick - Yes  
440mm (17.5”) 330mm Tick - Yes Tick - Yes  
555mm (22”) 440mm   Tick - Yes